There are four different roles we support - 

  • Account Owner:
    System allows only one account owner per organisation. He/She will be having all the privileges of that account and will be responsible for the billing of the account.
  • Admin:
    Admin will also have all the privileges of the account other than billing. Typically  admin can be Engineering Managers, Technical lead or the person responsible for the Engineering or DevOps team.
  • User:
    Users only have the privilege to edit their own profile but can see all the incidents happening in an organisation. Typically Users are the Engineers or support staff in a team
  • Stakeholders:
    As the name implies, these are typically other participants from the organisation who may have interest in the incident management process. They could be Product Managers or Customer Support reps.
    Stakeholders have view-only access to all Incidents. Additionally, they will be automatically subscribed to receive e-mail and push notifications for any incidents that they are associated with. 

The below table might help understand role permissions easily.

Apart from these, all users can edit their personal data and notification rules from their profile page.

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