You can use the same Squadcast user account with multiple organisations and you need to verify your email only once. Click here to know more about organisations in Squadcast.

You can easily create a new organisation by hovering our the org name in the side bar and select "Create Organisation" from the expanding options and provide the name of the Organisation and select save.

Now you will be switched to the newly created organisation and you can use it to add new users, services, integrations etc.

If you want to switch to an existing organisation, you can simply hover the mouse over organisation name from the sidebar and select the organisation name from the expanding options, provided you are already a member of that organisation.

If you are not able to see that organisation from the expanding menu, you have to contact the Admin / Account owner of that organisation to add you as a member (user / admin / stakeholder) of that organisation.

You can also switch organisations from our mobile app as well but you can't create a new organisation from the mobile app. 

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