Services can refer to specific systems, applications, or tools that IT responders/product engineers/customer support engineers/ other stakeholders are responsible for and (or) interested in. You will be able to quickly communicate with all concerned users whenever a service is impacted by an incident.

You can create a service under Services (Sidebar) → Add Service.

Give your service a name and a description. 

Then select the type of Integration you want to use from the drop down menu. This is the integration which will be used for sending in alerts related to this service.

Apart from e-mail and API integrations, the list of applications we support is continuously expanding and you can access it here.

Finally, you can search for and assign the relevant escalation policy to the service.

Maintenance Mode 

When the system or applications which you integrate with the service is undergoing maintenance then you can suppress the alerts from this service. Once you select a time window during which the maintenance work will be carried out, all of the information in the alerts generated in this time will be in the system but in a suppressed state.

When a service is in maintenance mode, you can see the "Under Maintenance" tag on the Service cards in the "Services" page.

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