Add Users

Adding multiple Users to your organization

Follow the steps below to add users

(1) Click on Users on the sidebar

(2) Click on Add Users

(3) Fill in the First Name, Last Name, Email ID and User Type of the users whom you wish to invite into your Organization

New rows will auto-populate as you start filling the fields.

(4) To import multiple users to your organization, you can simply drag and drop a .csv file or click on select a file from your computer on the top of the page to bulk import users

(5) You can delete a row by clicking on the Trash icon on the right side of the row

(6) If you have deleted a row by accident, click on the Undo button, that pops up at the bottom, to restore the deleted row

(7) Click on Send Invite(s), to invite the users to your Organization. The invited user will receive an email for verification

(8) Until the user has been successfully verified, you will notice a message that says Email is not verified against that user on the User Page. You can also choose to resend the verification email by clicking on the Resend Invite icon should that be necessary


Q: Can I add more than one Account Owner?

A: No, there can be only one Account Owner per account

Q: How can I transfer ownership?

A: Click on Transfer Ownership beside the name of the current owner to make the changes.